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March 1, 2017 letter to all Extra 2200 South subscribers and readers

Many of you were probably subscribers to Extra 2200 South and have many issues of the magazine that are tired and worn from age and use. We still have new mint copies of all of the issues from numbers 91 to 131 and rather than throw them out we would like to reduce our inventory and make an offer to those of you who would like to replace your tired and worn copies with new fresh copies. The one condition is you must have been a subscriber to qualify for this offer. Your name must appear on our subscriber list to quality. If you have copies you would like to replace and you bought them at a hobby shop or other dealer we will make you the same offer but you must provide proof you have the magazines, such as a clipped cover, to qualify. The cost for all 41 issues is US$50.00. Our mailing address is on the inside front cover of the magazine. Our email address is extra2200south@telus.net

you were not a subscriber or did not buy the magazines when If you had the opportunity you can contact us and we can put a package together for you.

As for the magazine itself, it is in limbo at the moment but we expect it will return. We were hit hard by our dealer and subscriber base dropping rapidly and dealers not paying their bills.

We made an abortive attept to modernize with a new website, however the developer abandoned us after setting up the site and we were unable to figure out what he had done so we went back to what we understand.

Doug Cummings, Editor & Publisher, Extra 2200 South

To contact us:
By email: Extra2200South@telus.net
By snail mail:
Extra 2200 South, PMB 820, 250 H Street, Blaine WA 98230-4018
Extra 2200 South, #27-2801 Ellerslie Avenue, Burnaby, B.C., V5B 4R9, Canada