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May 26, 2017 letter to all Extra 2200 South subscribers

I would like to find a new home for some of the stuff we acquired when we took over Extra 2200 South from Don Dover and which has not seen the light of day since then. We have several filing cabinets that have old trade magazines in them, along with several that have a lot of photographs (prints) as well as other stuff, and which has been sitting there ever since, about 25 years. I cannot provide an inventory of the contents as that would require considerable work to clean out a lot of the stuff that is blocking them. There is too much to haul away in a car, but I am prepared to offer this stuff to anyone willing to come and get it. If you are willing to make a nominal offer to cover the cost of 25 years of storage that would be appreciated. Location, Blaine WA. Blaine is north of Seattle. We brought the stuff out from Ohio in a small truck.

If anyone is seriously interested please contact me through the email address attached to this message.

We have two swap meets in this area later this year, one in October and one in November. Anything not disposed of will be offered at these two shows.

We also have back issues of Extra 2200 South for all of the issues we published. We have one, and possibly two, complete sets of Extra 2200 South starting with issue 1. We will entertain offers on these.

We have a special on for one new copy of every issue we published, which would be issues 91 through 131, a total of 41 issues. If you have old copies that are showing their age this is an opportunity to replace them with fresh ones. US$50.00 for a set, plus shipping.

If there is no interest everything will likely go in the dumpster as we do not have any space to store this stuff.

NOTE: This does not mean the magazine is dead. It is not. We have plans to continue where we left off.

Doug Cummings, Editor & Publisher, Extra 2200 South

To contact us:
By email: Extra2200South@telus.net
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Extra 2200 South, PMB 820, 250 H Street, Blaine WA 98230-4018
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