Extra 2200 South

Iron Horse Publishers


If you were a subscriber to or a reader of EXTRA 2200 SOUTH magazine you likely have seen these two names.


Extra 2200 South was the magazines that we took over from Don Dover in 1991. It had been started several years earlier by a small group of young individuals and slowly grew from a small newsletter that was circulated to their friends and others with a particular interest in railroad locomotives in North America. Over time it grew from a small newsletter to a magazine. The name of the magazine came from one of the founders, it was a play on words for his mailing address, and for those familiar with the operation of a railroad, it also has some significance.


The magazine and circulation grew in size over time. Eventually Don decided it was time to retire and the magazine was sold.


However, things change and with the coming of the computer age came new technology, and with new technology came the internet. By 2008 technology had progressed to the point the computer age had taken over and magazines and books were slowly being killed off by email and electronic devices. Hobby Shops, which were a major outlet for the sale of Extra 2200 South, were dying off as people were buying product through the mail rather than in stores, and hobby shops were closing. With them went a major customer base for Extra 2200 South magazine. And email resulted in the loss of readers for the magazine as everyone switched over to the internet as their source of information. Between the two our circulation dropped faster than a rock.


With the loss of readers from the loss of the hobby shops and the internet competition there was a rapidly shrinking market for our magazine. We spent some time looking at options, but in the end we could not find anyone who was interested in taking it over, and we were getting older ourselves. It was decided to close down the magazine and retire. Our last magazine was issue 131, published in April 2008.


We are taking what is left and continuing that as Iron Horse Publishers. Iron Horse Publishers was the name we had used for the business side of the magazine, Extra 2200 South was only the name of the magazine. We closed out our warehouse earlier this year and kept all the books we had been selling to our readers, and kept a small number of magazines of the issues we had published.


We will continue to sell back issues long as the supply lasts, but only for the issues we published. Those are issues 91 through 131 inclusive. We have a few older issues that were published by previous owner, but they are in very limited supply and we can offer them only long as the supply lasts. We do not have copies of every issue available. We are also offering a special for those readers who would like to replace the issues we published (91 through 131 inclusive) with fresh copies, for a flat price of US$50.00 plus $5.00 for postage to addresses in the U.S. only. Sales to other country would be US$50.00 but the postage would be higher and would be the applicable price to the intended destination.


We still have and will continue to offer books, we will be putting a list of those titles and prices up in a few days. Our business will continue for the sale of books and some other items.