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Back Issues
Railfax appears to have gone out of business so the best suggestion is to put an ad in a magazine or a wanted listing on eBay.

Extra 2200 South sells selected railroad-related books from other publishers.

Other Publications

General Train and Interlocking rules. CPR. 1944. Excellent condition. $10.00 or best offer.

Code of Safety Rules and Safe Practices. CPR. 1949. Good condition, some wear on front cover. 20 pages. $10.00 or best offer.

Pension Department rules and regulations. No cover, outer pages dirty. 30 pages, 1937. $10.00 or best offer.

Uniform Code of Operating Rules, 1962. 127 pages. Mint Condition. $25.00 .

B.C. Electric Watch Inspection Regulations. 1911. 5 pages plus covers. Very good condition. $20.00.

CPR Code of rules for handling perishable traffic. 1946. 94 pages. Some wear but otherwise good condition. $15.00 or best offer.

Westinghouse Instruction Pamphlet 5032-1, July 1936. 8-ET Locomotive Brake Equipment. 162 pages plus drawings. Very good condition.$25.00 or best offer.

Manual of Information for International Correspondence Schools, How to Proceed. 32 pages. 14th Edition. No date. $10.00 or best offer.

Railway Assn. of Canada, UCOR book, Jun 1954. Question and Answer book. Pages not numbered. $25.00 or best offer.

Manual for Locomotive Mechanical Lubricator, type 355, Catalog 175. 54 pages. Detroit Lubricator Company. $15.00 or best offer.

UCOR book, revision of 1962. Pacific Great Eastern Railroad. 127 pages. Good condition. $25.00 or best offer.

International Library of Technology. Locomotives and their Operation, 1925. Excellent condition. Each chapter has its own page count so no total page count. Hard cover. $50.00 or best offer.

CPR Official Designation numbers of Stations, January 1957. 210 pages. Excellent condition. $20.00 or best offer.

Manual of Hancock Locomotive Inspirators. 1929. 88 pages

Elesco Locomotive Feed Water Heaters, Operation & Maintenance. 81 pages. 1929. One torn page.

Elesco Locomotive Feed Water Heaters, Operation & Maintenance, 84 pages, 1929. Mint.

The Locomotive Booster Instruction Book 102. Franklin Railway Supply. 1927. 114 pages. Very good condition

Superheat Engineering Data, 1925. 205 pages. Excellent condition.

Pyle-National Operation, Maintenance & Adjustment manual for steam turbines and turbo generators. 50 pages, no date

British Columbia Railway, Rules & Instructions for train handling, operation and testing of air brakes. 1972, 176 pages.

Canadian Pacific Railway, General Train & Interlocking Rules. 117 pages. Good condition. 1938.

Canadian Pacific Railway, General Train & Interlocking Rules, 118 page. Very Good condition, 1941

First, Second and Third Year standard examination questions and answers for locomotive firemen. 591 pages. 1912. Big and Heavy.

Canadian Pacific General Train & Interlocking rules. 118 pages. 1944. Excellent condition.

Railway Association of Canada, UCOR exam questions and answers. Jun 1954. Pages not numbers but over 100 pages.

Ditcherology, the science of Ditching and Ditcher Maintenance. American Hoist & Derrick Co. 192 pages. Some wear and tear.

McGraw Electric Railway Directory, 1931, 242 pages. Good condition.

Westinghouse pamphlet 5048, Sup. 1, June 1937, Inspection of 8-ET locomotive brake and signal equipment. 20 pages. Very good condition.

Westinghouse leaflet 2432, M-3 and M-3-A feed valves. July 1928. 12 pages. Good condition.

Westinghouse leaflet 2388, Feed valve code of tests and repair instructions. March 1934. Large fold out chart. Good condition.

Air Brake Association 400 questions & answers on the Westinghouse 6 ET air brake. January 1909. 88 pages. Some water marks

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Be advised that we will be reducing our stock of back issues in the very near future and the majority of them will be going for recycling. We will only keep a very small number for future back issue sales.

If you are in need of any older issues now would be your time to order them. We are offering a special, one copy of each of the 41 issues that we produced (issue 91 to issue 131 inclusive) for a price of US$50.00 to addresses in the U.S. For smaller orders contact us for pricing, but basically cover price plus postage for single issue orders.

Also if anyone is still looking for copies of issues older than issue 91 we have been advised that the former owners of the magazine do not reply to enquiries about back issues of the magazines they produced. However over the years we have gathered a small number of copies of some of these old issues and we will make them available as long as supplies last. At the moment we have one copy each of issues 37, 40, 44, 45, 46, 47, 49, 51, 52, 57, 58, 65, 66, 69, 70, 71, 72, 73, 74, 75, 76, 77, 78, 79, 80, 81, 82, 83, 84, 85, 86, 87, 88, 89, 90. If anyone wants the entire lot be sure to contact us quickly otherwise they will be sold off individually.

Please contact by email, extra2200south@telus.net