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12x9½" horizontal format. 104 Pages. Published by Steamscenes. A superb album selection of mostly full page horizontal photos of trains, almost all in steam in the U.K. in various poses. Many are action photos, some are scenic, some are human interest (staff at work, etc.) The cover is a sunset photo of a passenger train headed by 4-6-2 6233 in action.

Price: $40.00


8½x11" vertical forma. 160 pages. Published by Withers, 2002. 160 pages, soft cover.  Covers are colour, balance of book is black and white. Union Pacific locomotive roster for 2002-2003 itemized with details of every locomotive on the roster at that time.

Price: $30.00


9x12" vertical format. 224 pages. Hard cover. The title of this book is misleading. It should be the LOCOMOTIVES OF RHODESIA. While the book was published in 2001, after Rhodesia had split and become Zimbabwe and Botswana, it covers the history of the locomotives of Rhodesia more than those of Zimbabwe as Zimbabwe and Botswana did not come into existence until the late 1970's and early 1980's and almost all of the locomotives covered in the book were acquired in the days when it was Rhodesia and the majority of the text and photographs cover that period. The book starts out covering the locomotives built in the 1890's and progresses to those built as late as 1992 and covers all of them in great detail with a full locomotive by locomotive roster. Zimbabwe was one of the last countries to operate steam on a daily basis and was operating Garratts right to the end. The book is well illustrated including a section in colour.

Price: $37.50


9x11" horizontal format. 128 pages, Hard cover. Trilingual (Swedish, English, German). Comes with a CD for audio. Published in 2000. An album of photos of train in Sweden with a mixture of portrait, action and scenic photographs, all in colour. This is a description of Sweden's railways in the 1990's.

Price: $40.00


4x6" vertical format compact pocket sized booklet on Hungarian motive power. Red Plastic cover. 288 pages. Highly detailed information on Hungarian motive power as of the date of publication (1998) and includes all railroads in the country including streetcar (tram) systems and details of industrial locomotives. Usually one page has a photo and one or more with it have all of the technical details. Author is György Villánya, the foremost authority on things Hungarian. Well illustrated with lots of technical details. Published by Stenvalls in 1998 but still current.

Price: $28.00


9x12" hard cover. 416 pages. By Keith Chester, published by Stenvalls. This is a very detailed book about the narrow gauge railroads of Bosnia-Hercegovina. At one time there were over 1,000 km of 760 mm railways is Bosnia-Hercegovina which were operated as a full fledged main line system, not a bunch of branch lines. The system operated through some of the most magnificent scenery in all of Europe. For those not familiar with the area trying to keep track of all of the countries of eastern Europe can be a challenge. After World War 1 this area became part of Yugoslavia. It was in this area where they operated the unusual Klose design locomotives, and others supplied by the UNRRA. 550 photographs, plus drawings and maps.

Price: $55.00


9x12", hard cover, 320 pages. By Keith Chester, published by Stenvalls. This is largely a book of maps and photographs of the same system described in the book listed above and could be called a companion book. It was too much to include it all in one book.

Price: $55.00


9x11" hard cover, 129 pages. By Roger M. Ingbretson, Hundman Publishing. All colour, published 1987, photographs and text. Subject matter varies from page to page. Some range from very good to excellent and cover railroad scenes, other are artsy photos with no meaning. Most if not all were taken in the Pacific Northwest states. The author calls it a full colour guide to weather and lighting conditions.

Price: $32.50

STEEL MILL RAILROADS Volume 7 (One copy only)

9x11½x½", hard cover, 128 pages. Standard Morning Sun format. By Stephen M. Timko. A selection of colour photos of steel mill roads in and around various steel mills. Photos depict both motive power and rolling in stock in general scenes in and around mills in the north eastern states. Still in original wrapping, unopened.  (original list price was $59.95)

Price: $50.00


8½x12, hard cover. 210 pages. Polish language book published by Kolpress in 2004 and is still in original wrappings. Well illistrated in both black and white and colour and covers three classes of diesel locomotives built between 1967 and 1977 with minor differences between the three. There is a detailed roster with the full history of each locomotive.


Price: $45.00


COLORADO RAIL ANNUAL, Number 22. Journey's through western Rail History

(One copy only)


9x11½ hard cover. 167 pages. This book is a single book although it is part of a series of annuals that the Colorado Railroad Museum produced over a number of years. This volume was published in 1997 and has seven chapters all related to a railroad or event in the Colorado/New Mexico area. Well illustrated with some photos in color.


Price: $17.95

NARROW GAUGE THEN and NOW  (One copy only)

9x12", all colour, 50 page booklet by Tom Gildersleve and Nils Huxtable of top quality photographs of the Denver & Rio Grande narrow gauge. Most photos are full size on a single page. Most are from the pre-tourist train era when it was still an operating common carrier railroad and before it became a tourist train mecca.

Price: $15.00


8½x10½ 32 page colour booklet published in 1983 by Nils Huxtable. Photographs feature Royal Hudson former Canadian Pacific 2860, and friends, working passenger trains in the North Vancouver - Squamish corridor in the 1970's.

Price: $10.00


9x11", 265 pages. SI&E was a very large locomotive dealer in the steam age and this book by Thomas Lawson Jr. tells the story and contains details of all of the known sales and resales handled by this company. There is a small stain on one page and some small scratch marks on the rear cover. Each locomotive is listed individually and there are only a few gaps in the known 2500+ locomotives handled by SI&E over the years. Well illustrated. Most photos were taken at the SI&E shop as locomotives were in for work or ready for shipment to new homes.

Price: $75.00


5½x8½, 100 pages. A locomotive guide issued in 2002 by John Middleton. A very complete and detailed guide to all the locomotives in use in South Africa, Namibia, Swaziland, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Malawi and Mozambique as of 2002. 32 colour photographs. While some things have changed since 2002, many have not.

Price: $17.50

PENNSY CAR PLANS (One copy only)

7x10", 99 pages. Soft cover booklet of passenger and freight car drawings for the Pennsylvania Railroad. Issued in 1969 by Wagner Publications.

Price: $10.00

DIE BAUREIHE E10 (One copy only)

8½x12½x1½, hard cover, 304 pages. German language, Published by Eisenbahn Kurier, one of the most prolific publishers in Europe, this is the definitive book on the German E10 (later 110) class of locomotives. Well illustrated, many in colour. A very detailed history of this class of locomotive starting even before the first one made it to the factory floor. Older photos are largely in black and white while newer ones are in colour. The history is covered from concept in 1952 through to 2006, when the book was published. Excellent top quality book, typical of all Eisenbahn Kurier books.

Price: $60.00


7x9½ hard cover. 224 pages. Published by Plateway Press, written by Brian Fawcett who for nearly 25 years worked on the Central Railway of Peru. 224 pages. This book was originally published in 1963 although this edition was published in 1997.  It isw an intensely readable history of the railway of the Andes from Equador to Argentina. Illustrated but all photos are black and white. Excellent book.

Price: $35.00

BNSF RAILWAY, Locomotive Directory 2015-2016  (One copy only)

6x9", soft cover. Withers Publishing. 176 pages. New Copy. Full roster of BNSF locomotives as of April 15, 2014 with details and numerous colour photographs.

Price: $35.00


7x10", hard cover. 312 pages. English language. By W.J.K. Davies, Plateway Press. Full details of the history of the narrow gauge railroads of Portugal, with rosters.

Price: $40.00


6x8½", 178 pages. Locomotive list 1842-1938, including railcars, by Dr.John Davies. No illustrations and not a book in the normal interpretations of a book. Rather it is numbered pages that can be separated like a loose leaf book to lay flat on a table or other flat serface and is a full and detailed roster of the locomotives of the French Nord Railway through to 1938 when they were absorbed into the SNCF.

Price: $16.00

THE COMP'NY (One copy only)

9x6", 246 pages. Published in 1967, author H. Temple Crittenden. The definitive history of the Surrey, Sussex & Southampton Railroad, which was usually referred to as "the comp'ny". This was a narriw gauge logging railroad that operated in Virginia until 1930. This is a fairly rare book.

Price: $35.00

BAUREIHE ET 65 (One copy only)

From TransPress, Germany. Still factory wrapped. This was a class of EMU cars that later became the 465 class when the renumbering took place.

Price: $30.00


9x11½", 48 page, soft cover. By Nils Huxtable. This is a book of photos, some portrait, some human interest, of steam locomotives at work in countries all over the world. Interesting coffee table book.

Price: $15.00


9x11", hard cover. 277 pages. Author: Thomas Lawson Jr. Published by Cabbage Stak Publishing, 1996. A well detailed book on the logging railroads of Alabama. Well illustrated, has rosters and is autographed.

Price: $50.00


This is only one of a series of soft cover map books published by Steam Powered Video in the late 1990's providing detailed maps of the railroad lines of different areas of the U.S. This one was published in 1996 and has over 50 pages of maps of the railroads in the Great Lakes West area. There is another 20 pages of indexes so you can find the location of just about every city and town in the area. Congested areas are broken down into several sections. Very detailed. Even though published several years ago it should be fairly current even today.

Price: $20.00


9x12" hard cover in English. 224 pages. Well illustrated, mostly in colour, detailed history of the narrow gauge common carrier railways of the former Soviet Union. Does not cover industrial railroads. Author is Paul Engelbert, published by Stenvalls. This is a part of the Soviet railroad system that is rarely written about and as such is very unique and interesting.

Price: $48.00

SOVIET RAILROAD LOCOMOTIVES for the PERIOD 1956-1975 (One copy only)

9x12" hard cover, 440 pages. This is a Russian language book would likely make it of little interest to people who cannot read the language. However, there are a lot of photos and drawings and other details which are easy to understand in any language and it is not as hard to understand as you might think. The author is Rakov, the leading authority on Russian locomotive history.

Price: $25.00


5½x8½. 197 pages. This is the 12th edition of this book, published in 1993 by Gary L. Sturm and Mark J.Landgraf. As the name suggest this is a listing of all of the radio frequencies in use in North America at the time of publication. Some are probably obsolete by now but this may be of interest to someone. New price was 16.95, will sell for $5.00 plus postage.

The HUNSLET ENGINE WORKS (One copy only)

9x11" hard cover, 305 pages. By Plateway Press, published in 1998. A highly detailed book on the Hunslet Engine Works, Well illustrated but no complete and detailed works list but many details of what they built are given. Hunslet built everything from small industrial locomotives on up, pretty much whatever the customer wanted. They started out as E.B. Wilson and built locomotives for companies all over the world at their factory in Leeds. An interesting book on an interesting company.

Price: $40.00

VAPEUR en BELGIAUE, Tome 1 (One copy only)

9x12" hard cover, 244 pages. By Phil Dambly. This is volume 1 of a 2 volume set. (Sorry we do not have any copies of volume 2). Published in 1989.  It looks like it is in French but it was published in Belgium. Very detailed and well illustrated book on locomotive in Belgium up to 1914.

Price: $100.00

The GERMAN CLASS 52 "Kriegslok" (One copy only)

8½x12", 128 pages, by three authors: Peter Slaughter, Alexander Vassiliev and Roland Beier, Published by Stenvalls, 1996, In English. Very detailed but concise history of the German class 52 "Kriegslok" 2-10-0locomotives built between 1942 and 1945. It starts out with the story behind their creation and goes through to their disposition in 1945 and subsequently,

Price: $40.00


9½x13½", 252 pages. Subtitled the Great Racetrack through the Great Karoo. By Paul Hloben, Very well illustrated and in this writers opinion this is one of the most interesting and fantastic books I have ever set eyes on. If I were to rate it on a scale of 1 to 10 it would easily rate a 20. It tells the story of the railroad that runs north-south in central South Africa and in particular the segment between Kimberley and Touws River which was known as the race track. This was the section through the Karoo where the class 25 4-8-4's operated and performed. It starts with explanation of the history of the area and in particular the railroad between Kimberley and De Arr which in steam days was known as the Steel Kyalami, after the Grand Prix circuit near Johannesburg.. This is the area where the modern class 25 condesing and 25NC non-condensing 4-8-4's were at their best. Traffic here is dense with trains every few minutes, in both directions, and in steam days power was usually one of the class 25 4-8-4s and they ran usually one behind the other with only a few minutes between trains. This book tells their story from the beginning when traffic was handled by small trains and small locomotives through growth to frequent trains and development of larger and larger locomotives to handle the traffic. The apex was the class 25 4-8-4's. This is their story and the story of the Great Steam Racetrack.

Price: $65.00

2009 PRODUCT GUILD, Broadway Limited Imports (One copy only)

Broadway Limited Imports catalog for 2009, 48 pages. Covers HO and N scale products.

Price: $1.00 plus postage, or $2.50 flat rate.

LOCOMOTORAS 18, NORTE 7200 / RENFE 7500 (One copy only)

8x11", 96 pages. Horizontal format booklet on Norte 7200/Renfe 7500 class of electric locomotives. This is part 18 of the Locomotoras seris of booklets published by MAF Publications of Spain. New, still in sealed wrapping. Text is in Spanish. Well illustrated with some illustrations in colour.

Price: $35.00

The GREAT STEAM TREK  (One copy only) 

10x12", 248 pages. By C.P. Lewis & A.A. Jorgensen. 1984 edition of this classic book. Almost all colour book of South African steam at rest and working. Mint condition book.

Price: $50.00


8½x12", 416 pages. By David Scotney. Published by Stenvalls 2013. An introduction to the Development of 750 mm, 760 mm ad 2'6" gauge public railways. This is an extensive and detailed look at some of the smaller narrow gauge railroads of the world. Well illustrated, many in colour, with many maps. More than 35,000km of railways of these gauges have been built in the areas of around 95 present day countries. The book examines the significance and spread of the 30" gauge as a standard for secondary railways, the personalities, companies and manufacturers involved and compares the equipment. It outlines the history of the gauge in each country and presents much hitherto unknown information, including on railways in the former USSR, China and Japan. English text. 416 pages A4, comprehensively illustrated with photographs and specially prepared line drawings and maps, hardbound with laminated dust jacket.

Price: $70.00

MOODY’s Steam Railroads, 1941. (One copy only)

American & Foreign edition, 1857 pages. Big and Heavy. Some wear and tear around the spine.

Price: $50.00

UINTAH RAILWAY Pictorial., Volume 1 (One copy only)

9x10", 320 pages. A Sundance book published in 1999, Covers Mack to Atchee. By Rodger Polley. This is the definitive book on the Mack to Atchee section of the Uintah Railway and is a very rare book. Full of maps and photographs. The railroad was barrow gauge and operated in an isolated part of western Colorado.

Price: $100.00


Sundance Books, 1984, revised edition, 384 pages. By Robert A LaMassena. Well illustrated, most are period photos, a few are recent and a few are in colour. This covers the history of the mountain railroads of Colorado, which are primarily in the north west and western part of Colorado. Most were originally narrow gauge and some remained so all their life, but some started out as narrow and were eventually regauged, This book is long ago out of print.

Price: $100.00

GARI la MOSHI (Steam Locomotives of the East African Railways)

8½x12½, 216 pages, hard cover. By R. Ramaer, published by Stenvalls 2009. Complete including full roster of the steam locomotives of the East African Railways starting with the first founding railroad. Complete with photo, many in colour, roster and maps. A short section covers some connecting narrow gauge railroads.

Price: $48.00


9x7", 124 pages. By E. Talbot, Published by Continental Railway Circle, 1981.

Price: $20.00


9x7" 96 pages, By Hugh Hughes. Published by Continental Railway Circle, 1979

Price: $20.00


Effective October 27, 1991

Price: $10.00


Al subdivisions except Port Subdivisions, November 27, 1983

Price: $15.00


all subdivisions except Port Subdivision. Effective June 3, 1984

Price: $15.00


Effective April 1, 1995, All subdivisions except Port Subdivision.  This is a large book sized (8½ x 11 inch) item,100 pages. Mint condition.

Price: $25.00

The following items do not have a fixed price, please feel free to make offers

Canadian Pacific mechanical examination for engine crews on Baldwin 1000 hp road and standard diesel-electric switchers. January 1953. 13 pages, paper covers.

Canadian Pacific mechanical examination for engine crews on General Motors 1500 hp road units. May 1953, 25 pages. paper covers.

Westinghouse Air Brake, Portable Brake Test Truck instruction pamphlet 5039-4, Supplement 2. July 1928. 24 pages plus fold outs.

California Railroad Museum, Rules & Regulations for the operation of Railroad Equipment, February 6, 1985. 35 pages.

Uniform Code of Operating Rules, revision of 1952 effective October 28, 1962, 127 pages. Covers most but not all railroads in Canada at that time.

Uniform Code of Operating Rules, Revision of 1962. Large size booklets, I have part A, B and D. New issue, not folded or used. A is examination of Conductors, Enginemen, Train Dispatchers, Yardmasters, Yard Foremen, Snow Plow Foremen and such other employees as the railway may direct. 101 pages.  B is examination of Trainmen, Train Baggagemen, Firemen, Yardmen and Switchtenders. 72 pages.  D is examintion of section and bridge foremen and interlocking signalmen. 48 pages 

Franklin Railway Supply Co instruction Book No. 102 for locomotive booster type C1 and C2. 114 pages plus charts. Some wear but otherwise good condition.

Westinghouse Air Brake Descriptive Leaflet 2432, July 1928. M3 and M3A feed valves. 12 pages

Westinghouse Air Mrake instruction leaflet 2388, March 1934. Feed Valve Code of Tests and repair instructions. One large size fold out wall chart.

Vapor Heating Operators Manual for six listed Vapor-Clarkson Steam Generators, Bulletin 1-208, Revision B, March 1953.

Electro Motive, tracing schematic wiring diagrams on diesel electric locomotives. Issued October 1952, 20 pages plus fold out chart.

Uniform Code of Operating Rules, Revision of 1952. 127 pages, same as item E but this one is in better (mint) condition.

Canadian Pacific Railway, pension department rules and regulations, dated September 1936. No cover and first and last pages are dirty but readable.

Air Reduction Safety Precautions and rules governing operation and handling of oxyacetylene and arc equipment for welding and cutting. 24 pages

EMD on the road trouble shooting pamphlet TS-2. 17 pages. On the road trouble shooting.

Canadian National, Third series of questions and answers for progressive mechanical examination for firemen. 59 pages. not dated

California Railroad Museum, General Safety Rules, April 23, 1985. 36 pages.

International Correspondence School, How to Process with your Studies. Booklet . 32 pages plus covers, not dated.

Alco Operation and Service Manual for 660 HP switcher, 1000 HP switcher and 1000 HP road switcher. Larger 6x9" size issued in June 1950. Spiral binding and has some wear but has stuff covers.